Art-A-Whirl (May 17-19) can feel a little intimidating. The NE Minneapolis Arts District is a sprawling universe of art, food, and drink. Within the district are numerous old buildings (some tattered, some interesting, some fascinating, some confusing, some a little bit of all of the above) brimming with art studios. It is estimated 500 artists in 70 locations will be participating in Art-A-Whirl. Free trolleys simplify the experience a bit. So does the Art-A-Whirl catalog (use it to plan a strategy in advance). But I’ll just simplify the whole darned thing for you: stop at my studio first. I’m on the 4th floor of the Northrup King.

I've Been Working Hard

I’ve Been Working Hard

Then, work your way down to first floor from there. I will be happy to share my thoughts about how to navigate the wonderful world of art that is Northeast Minneapolis.

But, back to studio #444. I have much new work to share as well as some lovely jewelry made by my Los Angeles-based cousin (see below for more on her work).

Hood River Valley

Hood River Valley

So, stop by, say hello, relax, linger, enjoy and then twirl on out into the art world of Northeast Minneapolis. You’re gonna love it.

"Night Sky" finds a home in a lovely St. Paul condo

“Night Sky” finds a home in a lovely St. Paul condo

Out to Pasture

Out to Pasture








NEW in my Studio: Lampwork Glass Beaded Jewelry by Jody Brimhall!

Handmade Lampwork Beaded Bracelet

These colorful handmade bracelets are made with Lampwork glass beads in my home studio in Los Angeles. The term “lampwork” refers to a technique used to create glass beads. Torches are used for this process today, but before torches, a light source such as an oil-fueled lamp was used to heat and melt glass used in creating beads—hence the name “lampwork.” Though today’s artisans no longer use oil-fueled lamps to make their creations, it is still called lampworking, since fire is still needed to melt the glass.

I create each bead by heating glass with a torch, wrapping the glass on a rod, and then firing it in a kiln. I also craft beads by silver casting. My jewelry line is complemented by other designs of casual artist jewelry. While I have worked as an encaustic/acrylic painter for the past 23 years, I am a bit obsessed with creating these fascinating glass beads and turning them into artwork for the human form!

You can find more of my jewelry at For my encaustic works, feel free to peruse

Thank you, Minnesota!

Jody Brimhall ([email protected])