Oregon. Empty beaches. Tilamook anything. The Pearl District.  You can go skiing in the mountains and get to the beach within hours.  From wine country to Crater Lake, to the “fruit loop” near Mount Hood, Oregon is wide open to explore.  And a well kept secret.  Is it on your bucket list?  Probably not.  Get ‘er on the list!  It is another one of those “color places” that sparkle.  We recently ambled down the coast, road tripping from Lincoln City to Florence and then over to Crater Lake.  Why is there not a “Crater Lake Blue?” paint that I can buy?


The snow had just melted enough (in August!) to drive around the perimeter of the lake.  At one stop, I felt like someone had pulled down a giant backdrop so that we could get the perfect photo of my daughter.

Is that background real?

And then there was our stay in Yachats.

Rocks dripping with star fish.

Rocks dripping with starfish

Tidepools bursting with purple sea urchins (I’m thinking Freddy the Fish would love this place) .  OK.  So it’s about art on this blog.  Getting a little carried away here. I won’t even try to paint anything in indefinable Crater Lake blue.  When you get there, someday, you’ll understand how this is impossible. But I did try to capture the notion of little creatures scurrying around underwater–between rocks, clinging, at the mercy of the tides.

Beneath the Ocean

Lean over and take a look (but don’t touch!).

Sky and Water

Life under the water, life that’s there somewhere between your knees and your ankles.