Colors of Bretagne

Summer lasts about 10 minutes in Minnesota so you have to drop what you’re doing or you’ll miss it.  Because summer = color, it is a great time of year to seize inspiration where you can find it. Last summer was all about the sparkling colors of Bretagne, France. We stayed in a charming rental house in the village of Tréguier ( and were in awe of the countryside in all its vibrancy. On the coast of Bretagne, hydrangea come in shades of blue, purple, orange, pink, maroon, red, and more. The French love their gardens and it is common to see a stunning garden planted in a roundabout in the middle of nowhere.

Back home, I was inspired to create a set of three tiny 5×5 pieces

Colors of Bretagne

in honor of these colors as well as a nautical scene of the English Channel and and its wonderful sail boats.

Can’t wait to tell you about what I did this summer…more colors, this time, of the Oregon Coast.  More in my next post.

The colors of the English Channel

Lilies of the Nile