Back in the day when I was working on my MBA and studying for the CPA exam, I had no idea there was such a thing as the “art business.”  Surely I knew people went to art school (so that’s what that funky looking building is over on the West Bank). But I had no clue people actually built a career around art.  Fifteen years of spreadsheets later, I found myself entering the art world as an art rep. Wow. What a brutal and painful job.  I bow down to all art reps everywhere.  Not really feeling the art rep thing, my successful artist cousin, Jody Brimhall, suggested I bag that idea and start creating art myself.  Much more fun, much more rewarding.  But still slightly painful in that the art (insert air quotes here) business is comprised of creating art AND selling it.  And that’s the secret they never tell you.  To make a career as an artist, one must create, market, promote, network, get out of the studio, start over.  We introverted types find this all grueling except for the create part.  But if you create an artwork that is never seen, does it

really exist? The goal of my blog (they tell you are supposed to have a goal to your blog so your audience knows they’re the audience) is to let you in on my little world of being an artist, creating art, sharing art.  In revealing my world, I hope to offer some texture to what you have perhaps purchased from me, seen in my studio, or perused on my website.  So, let’s have some fun.  Because fun is good and art is life.